Natural Stone and Interior Design

2022-04-07T15:41:55-05:00April 7th, 2022|

Natural Stone and Interior Design Natural stone and interior design introduce inviting and eye-catching accents to your home's design. It welcomes warmth and uniqueness to any interior, with natural tones and a variety of colours and textures, natural stone can be selected to complement any decor in the room. Earth tones Introducing earthy tones in a home welcomes a sense of calm and [...]

Modern Farmhouse Design

2022-03-07T15:58:05-05:00March 7th, 2022|

Modern Farmhouse Design Creating a modern farmhouse, with a twist? Instead of siding or rough stone that we would typically find on a farmhouse exterior, we decided to make this house one-of-a-kind. With such a detailed exterior and stark white colour, this house became quite the statement piece. Texas White Brick was chosen by designer Josh Bernard of Alex Irish [...]

La Paloma Shapes

2022-01-18T09:04:57-05:00January 18th, 2022|

La Paloma Shapes A vivid and eye-catching selection of through-the-body bricks now in new shape formats: Tash, Curve, and Comb. Broaden your design abilities with these new shapes and sharp colours.

Thin Brick Advantages

2021-07-25T09:03:02-05:00July 24th, 2021|

Thin Brick Advantages Glen-Gery Thin Brick has recently increased in conversations when choosing not only interior, but exterior cladding options as well, even though its emergence was in the 1950's. The bold and traditional options that exist in the selection of this brick has increased over the years, allowing anyone interested in this veneer to have as many choices at their fingertips as [...]

Get Ready to Hardscape!

2021-03-25T09:01:39-05:00March 24th, 2021|

If you are working from home and want to transform your outdoor living space into a work escape or you are deciding to travel to your backyard this year instead of overseas, we can help you choose the material that will make home your next vacation spot.

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