McCowan Project

This grandiose home features a stunning, traditional red brick blend laid in a Flemish bond style. The darks and lights found in this blend, along with this decorative bond, captivates the eye. The natural stone blend goes even further to do so, with different textures, shapes and shades. The colossal natural stone custom pillars at the front of the house is jaw dropping and depicts prestigious craftsmanship. Smaller details, such as custom stone banding around the windows, peaks along the roof, decorative pillars, chimneys, massive retaining walls, and a walk-in window well add to the wow-factor of this dream home.

McCowan 2 Project

When a house of such a monumental size uses all natural stone to clad the exterior, you know that this house is going to be extraordinary. With a mixture of the warmth of rough stone textures alongside the modernity of smooth stone panels, some of earth’s most beautiful rocks are displayed and beautiful curb-appeal is achieved. The stone was custom cut to fit this exterior like a glove, easy to lay and beautifying the finishing touches. With little details such as the stone pillars, the beautifully designed stone window surrounds, decorative additions, and stone panels on the edges of the exterior walls, the eye will never get bored. This castle-like stone house is a dream home in our books!

Warren Road Project

As the front door is the entryway to a home, we love when clients choose to get creative and add beautiful details. This door frame features custom cuts and carvings, made especially for this entrance. The clinging of the portico against the brick wall allows for the carvings on the door surround to stand out beautifully.